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IPTV Player and m3u editor for Android

SageIPTV is an IPTV player. Use it to watch live, movies, and series on your Android phone.

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  • m3u playlist Editor: move categories and channels to the desired positions (reorderable categories and channels), enable or disable channels and categories, view changes locally or export to a new m3u playlist and share it (Google Drive, email, ...) to use it with the m3u playlist player or IPTV player of your choice
  •  Parental control: Enable parental control for categories and channels
  •  Electronic program guide (EPG) integration
  •  Use default or External Players (VLC or MX Player)
  • Extended M3U (categories and logos) playlist support
  • Display categories
  • Search categories by category name
  • Display channels from the selected category
  • Search channels by name
  • Grid or list view of TV channels
  • Manage playlists (add, update, refresh and delete m3u playlist)
  • Jump, fast forward, rewind and pause
  • Cast Live channels and VODs to Chromecast enabled devices
  • Add to favourites/ remove from favourites
  • Support Xtream Codes API
  • EPG (electronic program guide) for portal screen
  • Playback speed
  • Scale the video interactively via zoom gestures
  • Add multiple portals
  • Manage radio playlists: add, edit, remove, and refresh.
  • Keep listening to your favorite radio even when the screen is locked.
  • Customize your radio playlists: hide, change positions, display history, and remove radio stations from history.
  • Reorder your recent radios (move up and down)
  • Display categories from the selected playlist.
  • Remove the automatic player's zoom (in version 5.1.7


portals screen portal-live-screen
edit-playlist-name epg-screen
listen to your favourite radios




What's new ( in 5.1.8 - Jun 8, 2023)

- Bug fixes and improvements
- Add multiple portals